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Beginners course A0 to A2

This course will take you from total beginner (A0) to A2 level in 9 weeks. I conduct these classes in a small group, so that there is lots of time for speaking and direct feedback from me as a teacher, which results in good progress in a short amount of time. This course is intensive and effective!

Writing tasks will be part of the homework, while the lessons itself focus on speaking, listening, building correct sentences with grammar explanation and practice of real life situations (role play). You will get personal feedback on each writing task by email.

As mentioned, this is an intensive course, which covers one chapter each lesson and requires commitment from the student to do homework in between lessons and prepare for each lesson, in order to get the full benefit of this course.

The group size is small (4-6 students) which gives plenty of time for each student to speak so it makes the lessons very interactive, both live and online.

These are the options:

* online classes on Saturday mornings + Tuesday evenings. (9 weeks intensive, twice a week)

* live classes on Sunday in the daytime (9 weeks intensive, 3 hours every Sunday, double lessons)

Each lesson is 1.5 hours 

See the schedule below for starting dates

Want to know what others think? Find reviews about my courses via the social media buttons below or here. If you want to gain confidence, learn how to speak correctly and progress quickly, this is the course for you!

Each course covers levels A1 + A2.
Live course: €595, online course: €570.

Students will also be responsible for purchasing the course workbook, available here.

Starting dates**:

16th of July 2024: online course, intensive, twice a week (1 spot available)

5th of October 2024: online course, intensive, twice a week

**This course is available for a small number of students only in order obtain good progress in a short amount of time. If you are interested in joining in on the next class, please contact me for more info. ​You can also register directly with the link below.

A2 to B1 level 

The level B1 course is a great follow-up after you have finished the beginners course. In this course you will go from beginner to intermediate level (A2 to B1) , where you will be able to use Dutch in many situations. It is a less intensive course of once a week, 20 weeks long.

I really recommend this course as this is the level where you will start to feel more confident using the Dutch language.

Your Dutch will improve by focusing on speaking during our classes and by making homework that covers other skills like reading and writing. New grammar will be explained in a practical way and used with exercises immediately. B1 also requires new vocabulary that we will offer from a text book and discussions in the lessons.

This is the opportunity to build on what you have already learned and increase your level of the Dutch language, expand your vocabulary and gain confidence.

Starting dates:

Sept 30, 2024 

Price: €595
Duration: 20 weeks

Course book: De sprong, available here or as an ebook here.

B1 to B2 level

Want to take it a step further? This course will take you from B1 to B2 level. 

No starting dates planned at the moment. 
Price: €595
20 weeks

Course book: Nederlands op niveau, available here:

Private lessons

Private lessons

Do you prefer private lessons? I offer those at any level, focused on your personal goal.
Contact me if you want to know more. We can schedule a call, a Zoom intake, or talk via Whatsapp about the options.

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